About Lands and Natural Resources
The Governance Framework
Our Strategic Plan and Our Board

Our purpose:

We Protect all the creator has given us, ensuring enough for 7 generations ahead and upholding our inherent right as Opaskwayak Treaty 5,  NÊHNOWÊ-ININIWAK (our aboriginal) and Treaty rights.

In the Summer of 2020, the leadership of Opaskwayak Lands and Natural Resources Branch met for Strategic Planning Session. Here are the results:

“I carry out the work of protecting all the creator has given us because I love and care for our community.”

Our Forecast for the Future

By Summer 2023,

Opaskwayak Cree Nation is respectful to the sacredness of the land. We feel sacred when we work with lands. Our land has a voice and it is heard. Our members are caring protectors of the land, guided by the principals of ocinêwin* and pastâhowin*. 

We have the inherent right as Opaskwayak nêhnowê-ininiwak. We are ininiwak, we hold a deep connection with our askî (lands), our ininiwak (people) and Mother Earth. 

Protocols are adopted and all users, including industries and the Province, shall adhere to Opaskwayak’s land protocol when entering into Opaskwayak’s ancestral lands, traditional lands, and reserve lands.

Our people (nêhnowê-ininiwak), particularly our youth, know their rights and responsibilities to protect the land, based on our natural laws, traditions, values, and beliefs.

We use the land for social, economic development, for cultural and spiritual guidance, and for historical knowledge from the past and present. 

At Lands and Natural Resources, we are maintaining the teachings, knowledge and ceremonial / traditional practices of the land alive and well. We seek guidance from elders, hunters, trappers and fishermen in taking care of kimâmanâw askî (Mother Earth). 

We work through strong laws and policies that are based on scientific and traditional knowledge. Our laws are recognized and enforceable. All branches of Opaskwayak understand and practice the laws and policies.

We do things collectively as a community. We work with other Opaskwayak Branches toward the goals of Opaskwayak.  Lands are intertwined with all Opaskwayak Branches and each Branch works in harmony to meet the goals. If the land is utilized for any project, we are at the table as it is our responsibility to protect the lands and its resources for our future generation. We receive reports from the branches on a regular basis.

Land and Natural Resources requires performance bonds and contingency fees for projects. 

We seek input from the community and we explain our decisions. People know about the Land Code, our land laws, regulations, and land use plan and can access them. 

Our responsibilities are set with clear plans and priorities which we work towards.  

We are reliable and well-organized with good systems in place. 

We are knowledgeable, motivated, and we work well together.   

We have committed and realistic funding for the work that we are expected to do.

*pastâhowin – If you don’t follow the laws of the land, it is going to come back to you. 

*ocinêwin – of animals, life, plants, etc.


About Lands and Natural Resources Board


  • John Paul Martin Portfolio Holder
  • Gary Cook
  • Ida McGillivary
  • Bernice Genaille-Young
  • Rick Constant
  • Priscilla Constant Elder
  • Vacancy Elder

Appointed by: Elected by Community

Term of Office: Two (2) years, ONLY for Portfolio Holder (2), in alignment with Opaskwayak election cycle.

Term of Office: Four (4) years, Voting Elected Directors.

Note: According to OCN Land Code – Amendment #2 – June 15, 2012.